The nuance of human and the power of AI

We partner with you to go beyond measurement and data anaylsis to create positive sustainable change throughout your organization.


Skilled across the full range of flourishing skills.


You Provide background & goals
We Review suggesting strategic actions
You Measure, realign and reassess goals
We Build L & D, coaching,and mentoring
You  Experience,learn, adapt and deploy
We Drip-feed habit-forming tools
You Share impact
We Document, embed & connect to KPIs

Ignite intelligence, insight, advantage
using the golden trio



We gather first-hand intel from every individual contributor through:
*net promoter scores
*wellbeing surveys
*Glint scores
*360 Feedback
*retention data
and sqeeze more out using it to its highest potential.



We analyze and interpret the data using an AI + Human collaboration process. Measurement and comments come together to  tell a clear story about what is helping and what is hindering individual work and organizational goals through critical theme identification. Sentiment analysis must be a 2-step contextualized process.

Now What?


A diagnosis is only as good as the action it sparks. We take insights and turn them into strategies.
This is how we help you to integrate, innovate, or double down on existing cultural development initiatives that build clarity, growth, autonomy, productivity, wellbeing, trust, respect and psychological safety. Top down and bottom up we help you make sustainable change.

Make change stick using✨Sparks

✨Sparks offer a simple yet effective solution to the complex problem of creating lasting positive change.  
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We’ve curated the best research-supported short interventions and practices to help increase the impact of topics you’ve explored with us or other experts.
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Positive Minds Internation also provides
1:1 Peak Performance Coaching
guaranteed to enhance productivity, innovation and
burnout-proof your leaders.

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