World Leaders in Positive Education Announce 2019 Launch of Canadian Office

March 4, 2023
Justin Robinson (IPE Director), Tamara Lechner (Canadian Regional Manager), Ron Lalonde (Middle East Regional Manager), David Bott (IPE Associate Director)

As the mental health of individuals continues to be of growing concern globally, the Institute of Positive Education prioritizes sharing its rigorous, research based programs around the world.The Institute of Positive Education is internationally acclaimed as a leader in the field, providing positive psychology-based interventions and practices in a school setting. Partnering with the ‘founding father’ of Positive Psychology, Dr Martin Seligman, the Geelong Grammar School team established the field of positive education and created the groundbreaking Learn, Live, Teach, Embed model. Geelong Grammar School first became the world-leader in delivering evidence-based programs, then forming the Institute of Positive Education (2014) and launching International incubators in Canada and the Middle East (2018). The IPE continues to grow its impact in inspiring and supporting schools to discover and implement Positive Education. In 2018, they delivered 124 training courses comprising 208 training days, which were attended by over 6000 participants. To meet the increasing demand, the Institute team has doubled in size and created designated teams in training, research, and business development. Whilst continuing to deliver a range of open-entry courses and workshops, the IPE is increasingly working directly with individual schools to provide whole-school training and in-depth, long-term consultancy to facilitate customized whole-school Positive Education implementation strategies.The Institute of Positive Education (IPE) is pleased to announce the launch of our Canadian regional incubator as well as the appointment of wellbeing expert, Tamara Lechner, in the role of regional consultant. Tamara is a Canadian entrepreneur, educator, writer & speaker whose wellbeing expertise has focused on positive psychology, meditation, and positive habit formation in schools, corporate settings and for individuals. Her deep belief is that happiness happens by choice, not by chance.Starting in 2019 the Institute of Positive Education will offer an introductory suite of workshops across Canada. Stay tuned for our launch tour and course listings for the year ahead.

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