Over It- How to Let Go

March 4, 2023

All the self-help books say to let go of the past. If it was that simple, wouldn't we have let go already? No one wants to keep feeling the pain- or do they? Letting go of the past means opening up to the future and sometimes the unknown is more scary than the past.I am pretty good at letting go...only because I tried so hard to hold on. The universe is funny that way- the more you try to hold on, the more it gifts you with opportunities to let go.

How to Let Go  (even of the really hard stuff)

  1. Start with WHY. Ask your self what will I gain if I let go. Remember, this needs to be about you not about others. Be very specific, the universe loves specificity. If you are holding on after a relationship ends, your why might be so you can find a partner.
  2. Decide what you learned from the situation.  We never leave a relationship or situation without the potential to learn something. As Leo Buscaglia says "The only lasting trauma we suffer is one we suffer without positive change."
  3. Be  grateful. Feel thankful for what you have learned or how you have grown. Gratitude is a mood booster asd it floods your system with powerful chemicals that facilitate healing.
  4. Use movement or meditation to facilitate release. Kickbox or run or dance or drum. Meditate or chant. DO something to shake it off.

Why don't we let go (even when we think we want to)?

  • Holding on feels like we still have a chance to change the past...YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE PAST!
  • You want justice. (Hint- you can move on without it.)
  • You want the other party to feel as bad as you do.
  • You want revenge
  • You get a lot of attention for being the wronged party.
  • You feel like letting go or forgiving means condoning their actions...it doesn't.

Join the #overit revolution and let world know it's over. Click to tweet or reply and tell me what you let go of and how it feels.

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