Is It Possible to Be Successful Without Being Arrogant?

March 4, 2023

Living a life filled with goals and dreams means balancing the future with the present.  We give in the present and expect to take in the future. But how long is it wise to keep giving without getting? And is it even possible to balance a healthy life with career or family goals?Do youPersevere at all cost?Outwit, outlast, outplay?Keep moving the goal?Many people think that in order to attain success they have to sacrifice, win and keep achieving more and more. What research shows  is that when our focus is always on the next moment as opposed to in this present one, we fail to connect with our colleagues and also with our customers. This connection is vital for success.When we are constantly using caffeine and adrenaline to keep up with the demands we place on ourselves we are taxing our adrenal system which puts too much stress on our body. Long-term stress increases risk of heart attacks, strokes, digestion challenges, immune challenges as well as sleep disorders and digestive disturbances.So how can you continue to thrive while simultaneously striving for your best?BreatheTake three slow rounds of deep inhalation followed by deep exhalation. As you breathe, focus on nothing but the breathing. Feel your ribs expand and your belly push out, This allows your brain to move activity from the amygdala fight/flight mode that many people spend much of their life operating in, to the pre-frontal cortex where we are able to make better decisions.Take down timeIt is easy to believe that by taking time away from your career, you might miss an opportunity. Especially if you are an entrepreneur and feel a need to be "on" all the time. The fact is, if you don't take some time for self-care, rest and play, you are robbing your brain of its potential. We need breaks from focus in order to see things from a new perspective.Redefine SuccessStep back and take stock of your definition of success. It's not all about a dollar value. Look at what you are currently doing that feels successful. Do you offer a great service? Are you constantly upgrading your knowledge? Are you a wonderful people person with a vast resource of connections?  Are you surrounded by a great team? Sometimes when we take time to examine our reality, it becomes clear that although you may not have reached the top of the mountain, where you are currently offers a pretty spectacular view.DetachWhen you learn to set goals and work towards them without attachment to outcome, you begin to be able to "own things without things owning you". The moment you separate your self-worth from you career, your bank balance or your stock portfolio is the moment you free yourself to receive all the things you are working towards.  Need help with detachment? Start meditating. (Click below to join me for Deepak & Oprah's free 21-day meditation challenge)​


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