Instead of a Resolution, Try a Theme

March 4, 2023

Choose a single word to use as a theme for the year. Words like curious, declutter, family, healing or growth come to mind. The word is used like a map when making choices about what you want to do, in the moment, in planning the future or as an anchor to hold on to when things seem confusing or unclear.I'm choosing the word UPGRADE for 2017. It serves to remind me that everything I have right now is wonderful and if I upgrade, I still get to where I'm going but in a more enjoyable way. It's like icing on a really decadent cake.It also serves as a reminder to me that I don't need to change what I am doing, but how I am doing it. Streamline, work smarter not harder and harness Pareto's law (look it up ;) )Please share your themes.Happiness never decreases when you share it.PS  When I wrote this blog, I looked up to the top right corner of my screen and a little button read "upgrade".Coincidence? I think not. :)

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