Disrupt a Pattern in 3 Easy Steps

March 4, 2023

The goal is not to find something that is lacking, it's the realization of an already present reality. By using meditation to go inward- to connect and reflect you begin to notice patterns in your beliefs that you might want to change or disrupt. That's the first step Notice your pattern.A pattern is just your learned RESPONSE to stimulus- any stimulus. A food, a politician, music, a tv show, types of dogs, smells. no matter what the STIMULUS, your response will be either thumbs-up or thumbs down.this stimulus -belief -response pattern gives you the ability to recognize the belief is always entirely under your control. you don't always control what stimulus you are exposed to, You do get to examine the belief that creates your RESPONSE.according to Charles swindle "life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react". learning that the power of your reaction is entirely under your control means taking charge of those so-called negative emotions like fear, anxiety, and stress. When you recognize a pattern in your life and believe that it's not working you then you need to decide if you're going to keep it or discard it.once you know for sure that you want to change a belief, you:1) gather evidence to support the new belief you want2) choose a new belief to replace the old one withThe secret to change according to Socrates is not to focus all your energy on fighting the old, but instead on building the new. we need to make sure that two biases that are hardwired in our brains don't keep us from succeeding.the first bias is the status quo bias- our brains are wired to want what we already have.the second one is the loss aversion bias- when we lose something the emotions are actually twice as powerful as when we gain something. an example of this would be if I gave you $20 you might be excited and there would be a blip in your joy radar but if I took $20 from you you would have double the anger than the joy you got from receiving the same $20. Knowing that we have this bias to avoid loss rather than to celebrate our gains, we need to really make sure we are focusing on what we are gaining and not what we are losing when we change a belief.3) The third step is detachment desires can become very constricting when we want something so badly (like to change a pattern or habit) that it hurts. nourishing wants lead to happiness.attachment is the natural quality that emerges as your higher self becomes your internal reference point and you let go of what you want and just allow. simply put by Oprah Winfrey "I can own things but nothing owns me".once you have examined your beliefs about things like:your healthyour bodyyour mindyour ability to learnyour memoryyour relationshipsyour friendshipsyour familymoneycareerpeople's innate ability to be generous versus selfishif the world is a place of abundance or scarcityThen you begin to live a life of reflection from a place of inner guidance. spending time in meditation helps to shake up this reflection process and makes beliefs that no longer serve you become obvious.Have you changed a belief or thought pattern that changed your life? I'd love to hear what it was and how you changed it. Sharing is a great way to inspire one another and to reflect on the past. please comment below- I love to hear from others who are breaking free from limits.

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