March 4, 2023

Why is connection important?

We are all connected. We may not see the impact but our life influences other lives.

Connection is defined as an attachment, a set of people associated together, or 2 or more things having the same cause or origin. Connection on a social level is integral to our survival, our happiness, and our health.

What Are The Benefits of Feeling Connected?

  1. Higher Energy- You have all experienced the swell of energy when a crowd is excited at a sporting event. This energy of like minds with shared concepts is greater than the sum of each person's energy.
  2. Common Humanity- When we recognize that everyone makes mistakes, has dreams, has weaknesses and has strengths we start to feel better about our own areas of weakness and inspired by the dreams and strengths of others.
  3. Pro-social spending- It is scientifically proven that spending $20 on a friend or complete stranger cases more happiness than spending the same amount on yourself. People who are socially connected are more likely to donate.
  4. Heightened Empathy- People who have strong social connections are more empathetic. They don't just feel badly for others, they make effort to create change that lifts others up.
  5. Shared goal or purpose- When we encounter others who share our goals, of values, our dharma, the connection strengthens our resolve to move forward.

Martha Beck says

Loneliness is proof that your innate search for connection is intact

So if you feel like you haven't found your tribe don't stop looking  Potential friends, partners, and colleagues are the ones who fill your bucket. Look for people who talk about their dreams and goals instead of gossiping. Try hanging out with someone who has different opinions than you and learn from one another. Join a club. Volunteer. Give online dating a shot.My best advice; you are looking for a few quarters as opposed to a bunch of pennies. Time is valuable. Spend it with great people!

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