Anchor or Sail?

March 4, 2023

My theme this month has been all about choices. Choices about the direction of my career, choices about moving houses or staying put and the everyday choices of what to wear, what to eat or who to spend time with. Together all these choices have the ability to overwhelm and keep you mired in indecision.You also face choices every single day so I wanted to share a little trick that I have learned about how to decide.Ask yourself these quick questions:

  • What is the first answer that comes to mind? Research shows that usually, our first choice is our best option.
  • What feels like the bigger choice? Moving towards the more expansive and therefore less restrictive choice may feel scarier but usually bigger comes with more options.
  • Is one of the options a chance I will regret not taking?
  • If I choose A is B still an option later?
  • Which option moves me towards something I will be proud of?

Asking yourself these questions and taking stock of your answers will provide the clarity needed to move forward. I'd love to hear how you decide or where you have the most challenge with decisions. (for me, it's when the choices impact my family and not just me personally)What is the hardest choice you made? I'd love to hear where choosing is challenging for you. Tell me your story or comment with a single word- the choice is yours :).

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